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2017-04-23 19:51:22 (UTC)



It is 4.30 pm. I just had my shower. I am glad my hair is not so long and that it is easy to dry. I have kept this length because I am not interested in spending money straightening my hair or spending time drying it. So, I am fresh and ha ha ha

I watched a couple of you tube videos. Now I have my favourite you tubers... It makes me happy to watch them but sometimes I get fed up as I said before. Well, I have washed one load of clothes and I haven't cleaned the house today... I haven't even done the beds.

My husband is off today. He seemed very tired... I am glad he is relaxing for a while as he is not used to heavy work. I have chatted with him several times...

Today we were in my parents' house in the morning. We had lunch there. It was quite delicious and I didn't have to cook. I popped a couple of time there this afternoon. I usually do that as I get bored with my own routine and miss talking to someone.

My daughter is watching some videos as well. Actually she is watching a movie... or series... Sometimes I miss her because now she is in her little world and almost doesn't talk to me.

I had enough holidays... For me a bit of routine would not cause any damage... At least, I get out of the house.

Well, I hope to start new Monday... Good energy to all of us