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2017-04-22 03:36:07 (UTC)

WC #20 Letter

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A letter to anyone.

Dear Tara,

Yesterday i was reminded of some of our childhood memories and some of the good things that used to happen.
How we used to be closer and i felt very nostalgic.
we are sisters...and we grew up together... sharing a room most of the time and i was thinking about the game we used to play every night when we were supposed to be sleeping.
But we'd end up laughing and talking instead.
The game was simple i'd say you can't go to sleep until you make me laugh.
And then you'd just start saying random words that you may have thought were funny or what ever random thing that would pop into you head...and you's end up cracking yourself up and then i'd look at you like you were nuts and then you'd laugh louder and in the end your laughing hysterically would make me laugh and once little girls start laughing and giggling... it never ends.
And mom and dad would yell for us to be quiet and go to sleep.
and well... most of the time we didn't.
that is just one of the things from our childhood that i love and that i miss and i guess i just wanted to let you know that i love you and that we can still have good times and make memories and that you are important to me.