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2017-04-21 18:18:50 (UTC)

Putting the old man into a "home"

I just got up as usual this morning. I slept like a baby so I was ready to get started. While drinking my coffee, I went ahead and entered the listing from last night onto our webpage. They called to say his truck was ready too. So, when he got up and drank his coffee, we went on to get it. I drove the rental car to take him. This was the only time he had been in it. He was holding onto his seat as we rode down 485. He has not been on that hwy much at all. I had to hang toward to right...then middle lane to pass the 85 ramps to get to the hwy 74 off ramp which is where I needed to go. The speed limit on that hwy has risen so people were flying by us. He kept asking "what in the hell are you doing...where are you going...why are we on this road"? He seem nervous. But we got to our destination in record time. They told us all of what they did to the truck, I wrote a check for it and he had started talking to a man in there about the good old days. It took a while to get out. So, we left knowing that on the way to rental place I was going to stop to get gas. I did. He followed me into the place and waited. We got to the rental place. I literally parked it, walked through, handed them the keys said thank you guys...and I was on my way to get into the truck. We had made plans to go this new Chicken place on our way home. He bitched and moaned all the way going on about how rough the truck was driving. It was horrible. He was convinced the universal joint needed to be replaced. Going on about paying 3 grand and getting back a truck that he can not drive. I told him to not worry...he can drive my car. I do not need one right now. If his truck is so messed up, we will just go get u one honey....I was being real cool about it.

We get to the chicken place. The drive through speakers sucked. So we went inside to order. On our way home....he noticed this red light...on the dashboard. It said BRAKE. He finally saw it. Then he realized that he had been driving with the emergency brakes on.

He took them off. The truck drove fine the rest of the way home. And I had a great time telling him about the HOME I was going to have his sorry ass put into sooner than he had thought.

That was the funniest ride we have taken in a while.