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2017-04-20 23:09:22 (UTC)

One more...time to get busy

WOW...that house was awesome. We listed it for almost 300k. Might be a little high, but it was all custom and the rooms were huge. The kitchen was off the hook...all of it was. I am delighted to have my sign in front of that house. WHOA!!

The photos I took the other day to make post cards did not do well. I do not want to ride all over the place in this rental car. Hopefully I will get my car back tomorrow and I can try again. I have to have better post cards to send to that area. I do not need 500, maybe just 250. It is a we shall see. I already have a bunch of addresses ready for them. I sent a bunch to the hootie tootie area yesterday. I mailed them late in the day so the people will have them in mailbox Friday or Saturday. They can see it while at home on weekends. And hopefully they will call me if they been thinking about listing. This man today had his card up on the mantle. He knew exactly where it was.

We almost had the commercial place sold. But it fell through. The man who owns the condo at the speedway said we could rent it out for the race if we wanted too. The boss said he would get us some cash for that. He is working on it as I speak. It needs to be lowered. The price is just a little too high. The house today is a little too high too. Hopefully we will get some activity this weekend to let us know how it is going.

I am too old to go look for a damn job. I have to do this to make money. I am not sure that I can though. I almost forgot how to enter a listing in MLS. It took a while. Have not put it on my webpage. I will try that in the morning. But the rest is done. I was at the listing appointment one and a half hours. When I got home and started on the faxing, paperwork, and MLS...downloading photos, put on MLS buy the time I was finished, it was two hours later. I will take about an hour getting it on the website tomorrow.

The man was older...sweet as could be. I hate his wife died. She was one more lucky woman. He was proud of his daughter and told me once again how much money he has given her since the wide passed. He said she called it her inherence. Some people look at things weird. I guess all of kids would suck the blood right out of our veins if they thought they could sell it for a dollar. Not just mine.

Anyway... I am getting discouraged.

I thought I was going to help him locate a condo. Instead, he is going to the beach to look for one next week.