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2017-04-20 06:43:46 (UTC)

WC #18 #19 Kisses and Favorites

Mood: Tired, Wired
Song: Fools by Troye Sivan
Color: Green

I suck at keeping up with things... i suck at daily writing.
But here i am playing catch up!
anyways here are the writing challenge prompts i miss the past 2 days

#18 Favorite foods? Breakfast lunch and dinner

Okay so, i'm not really a person that typically eats breakfast so if i do it's something light like cereal and i really like bagels
My favorite cereal is Honey bunches of oats but i don't eat it often... i also really like Coco or Fruity pebbles
Blue berry Bagels.
Coffee to drink

Lunch is usually a light mean, sandwiches or salad or soup.
ideally Chicken salad sandwiches with broccoli cheese soup.
Lemonade to drink

Dinner.... i don't get to do this often but we are talking favorites here...not necessarily reality lol.
But my Favorite type of food in the whole world is Chinese food.
The best around here is a place called Wongs.
Now here is what i'd get if i could have what ever i wanted.
Lemon chicken, Lo main, an Egg roll, Beef and broccoli with fried rice with the red sauce.
Water to Drink or maybe tea

What are your favorite foods? if you had a day where you could have exactly what you wanted what all would you have?

#19 Describe your First kiss
I had my first kiss when i was pretty young.
I was 7 and it was with my friend Andy.
he would come over to my house and we'd play like kids do.
He had blond hair that looked almost white and i was red headed and we were close friends and everyone always commented on how we were or would be a cute couple and i don't think either of us really bought into that...we were kids he was a little bit older than me maybe a year? something like that.
well we were at my house playing out side on my swing set.
And you know how it had the swing set swing that was like a chair with a back and it seated two people facing each other? what is that swing even called? it's not the one that kind of like a teater toter.
swing sets don't even look like this anymore... this way old school back in the day lol.
Anyways i'm getting off topic...
My mom had washed some sheets and blankets and things and they were layed out over the swing set.
So Andy and i were on the seat swing together and we had the sheets pulled around that you couldn't see us inside.
and we were just talking and laughing and such.
He was going to have to go home soon and he said so and i remembered asking him if he would come back the next day and he said he would and then he leaned in kissed me a quick one and i remember this moment after where everything seemed quiet like we made eye contact smiled and then he jumped out of the swing and ran off saying bye see you tomorrow waving and i remember scrambling out of the swing after him and waving and saying bye! and just watching him until he turned the corner of the street and i couldn't see him anymore.
He was a sweet guy as a kid, we were great friends.
He soon after got a mayor crush on a older girl a teenager that probably babysat him Danielle... i remember feeling jealous.
But then feeling ridiculous for being jealous because he was my best friend and Danielle well saw him as a little kid of couurse
I'll admit to having a small crush on one of the older kids too Jared and i think Andy was jealous of that... so i guess we were even.
I don't regret that he was my first kiss...
My family Moved away not long after.... and this was before cell phone and social media so i didn't have a way really to keep in touch... what i did find out about him is that he became a teenage parent at 16 and we took very different life paths.
But all my memories of him are fond ones