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2017-04-19 20:09:02 (UTC)

Cold wet Wednesday

Still do not know if his truck will be ready tomorrow. These people are slack. I will need to call to keep the car another day if I do not hear from them in an hour. They were supposed to have it ready yesterday but when I talked to them earlier today, she blabbed the same excuse the man said yesterday. I can not wait around too long. I need to plan out my day. If it is ready, he and I will have to go pick it up and return the rental he can get back to sleep. And I need to prepare my car (the one he is driving at the moment) for my appointment tomorrow.

So, this morning I washed my son's clothes and fixed dinner for the husband to have this afternoon before he heads off to work. I also prepared some post cards in a near by hootie tootie area where the homes could go for 600-1,500,000. I mailed them already. I feel myself getting back to business the way it is supposed to be opposed to what it has been. I am ready to sore.

Bout time too.

MY head hurts still. Everyday. It could be allergies. Maybe this rain will wash some of it away. I am sick of having to take Ibuprofen so much.
I just do not take meds often and it sucks to have to do it now. I took two earlier today....two last night...and will have to take a couple more not too long from now...I can feel it coming back. Sad. But my knees are mending fine. Takes a while after those shots...but hoping to get on the walking track as soon as weather permits and knees allow it too.

I wish our company was much busier. I am praying we get that listing tomorrow. I am feeling good too about sharing it with the boss.
It seemed like the right thing to do. He would have been ok either way. I almost had to talk him into it. But he knows I feel more comfortable meeting with a man alone if I am not alone. He helps talk to them...while I take photos....and he ask questions, remembers details...and he likes the area. He has lots of family there. So, it worked out in his favor. Plus...I do appreciate what he does....for me and it feels right to return the favor.