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2017-04-19 01:41:55 (UTC)

Double shot banana puddin

So, I get to the doctors office. It was a large nice complex. I guess I need to get out more and see what is around me. After all, I choose this place because it was near by. I was there 15 early. Did not get called back until 45 minutes had passed. I am not a very patient person. Not at all. I was minutes, almost seconds away from just walking to the car and leaving when they called my name. She took me back to that examination room where I waited another 30 minutes. The doctor came in so we could chat about my knees. He ordered x-rays on both of them and I was taken back for that pretty quickly before being brought back into that same room. Sat in there for another 30 minutes before the doctor came in suggesting I get shots in both knees. So, I agreed to that. I waited another 30 minutes before someone the doctor came in to give me the shots. Whoa...she is something else. She came in with a vengeance. These shots were slow and painful. Big knots at needle point. I could barely walk to the check out area. But I was glad to finally be out of there.

I called my business lady friend. She met me at the pub and we ordered bar food...and lots of it. This man and his daughter who we met last time in there remembered us and he sat with us a while. OMG...he lives by the lake in the almost million dollar homes. His daughter is doing chemo and has started a new job. She looks great. She asked for my card so she could add me on facebook.

It feels good to be actually appreciated once and a while.
My friend and I had a nice talk. Worked out some misunderstandings. She is awesome.
Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life.

I came home happy....knees are sore. But I know the shots will help.
I made a banana pudding too. It is in the refrigerator. Learning how to make that whipped cream was a skill I am very proud of.

He will be thrilled to see when he gets home. His request. My pleasure.