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2017-04-18 14:41:21 (UTC)

Feeling robbed again

We picked up the rental car yesterday. It was a Toyota Corolla. Nice ride. It has been in the garage with the door down. I have not been anywhere accept to go pick it up. Today, I will be going to my doctors appointment about my knees and other parts. Not sure what they will think since nothing is actually hurting today. Nothing swollen either. Probably gonna think I am a nut case.

So, Sunday night, I get a text from my bank who sends me alerts when my balance gets to a certain amount. I set that up when I opened it. Well, I have not used that account accept to get gas once and make a small purchase at the grocery store. There should be over a thousand in there even with those debits. So, I pulled up the account activity to see what is going on. There was a 140 dollar purchase at a Walmart in AR. Then it was put right back in as though someone entered it wrong or something. Then...137 bucks three times at a NY store that sells designer clothes and accessories. I knew that was not mine. So, I called the bank and put a stop on that card and they are sending me another one.

They ask me if I had used it anywhere recently....where I handed them my card or gave out the information to anyone? The only place would have been that day I went to the pub alone to have lunch. I tipped her 10 dollars. For the love of GOD....surely she did not write down my information to go on a shopping spree later. They are investigating it and will put the money back in when they learn what is going on.

This was a nightmare reminding me of the time my daughter messed me up doing this. That was a different account, a different bank.
But I still have not heard from her since she stopped by here to get that lap top I gave her. I was sure I erased all information off of it.
Plus, I would never have my card number, and codes saved that is most likely not it. But it still reminded me of her and how
I felt when that happened. I go to the appointment later this afternoon. I may meet my business lady friend for dinner and cocktails later too.
She was going to take me to the appointment but with the rented car, I do not need her too. She would not let me pay her so I just
rented the car instead. I do not like that. If I ask you to do something for me and I offer to pay should say okay...not
oh, no you cannot pay me. Whatever...

Have not heard if his truck is ready or not. That man said it would be ready today. We already decided that we would go tomorrow if it is ready. I have a listing appointment on Thursday with the boss so if I have too, I will take the rental car back on Friday. If his truck gets finished.

Should be a busy week...
he works three more weeks. sliding and new windows will be ordered for this we begin...our updates.