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2017-04-17 19:03:50 (UTC)

WC #17 Last week

Mood: Tired and irritable
Song: Silence
Color: Light Green

What was the best day last week? what made it good?

Probably Tuesday or Yesterday.

Tuesday because it was more relaxed and i got to spend some time with my mom one one one and we shopped and ran errands and just talked and that's nice.
Yesterday because it was Easter and Church was good, class was good, the after party Easter thing was fun.
Ooh and Saturday wasn't bad Got to see Catrina and the kids.

Talking to Zoe and hearing good and crazy news from her.
This week has been long and has had some bad things but it's definitely had some really good things.

side note: i wish this stupid sore throat would just go away! :(