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2017-04-16 23:16:23 (UTC)

Sunday drive and honey ham

Today turned out pretty good. I put the ham in the crockpot, he fixed devil eggs and potato salad last night....we went for that drive so I could take some photos. None of them turned out too well. But I tried.

I rented a car to pick up tomorrow. I will keep it until Thursday.

I changed my mind about the PA system. I am not investing any money in that. I have told them no and they need to accept it. Sick of hearing about it for real. I do not particularly like either style of their music of either of them. I have my own style. I want to get that record thing he mentioned instead and record some songs to send to the girl in Australia just like I had planned. I should not be pushed into playing music with these girls when they can play together. I sense that they want to use me to give someone a ride. I am not getting drawn into that. No way.

I pick up my car at 12 noon tomorrow. I got the cheapest one they had.

Oh yeah, speaking of cars....he and I stopped at the FORD place. He wanted to look at the Escapes and EDGES. We also looked at the Explorers and trucks. He said we will get a new vehicle for me to drive later in the year. Probably after that last house payment.