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2017-04-15 20:00:33 (UTC)

White Green and brown

Colors to remember for my errand later. He is cutting grass at the moment. He did go get the ham I discussed in my last entry. I think he liked those chops better than I thought he did. I am just so accustom to his old fart attitude, when he says something, I may take it more negative than he means. He forgot the brown sugar and the green bell pepper so when I go pick up the WHITE FISH for take out later, I will stop in to get the brown sugar and a bell pepper.

Here is what he suggested since he noticed I did not seem to feel well enough to actually go take those photos that I had wanted too. I have had a head ache all day. Probably from the season. Anyway...he said, tomorrow, since it takes 4 and half hours for that ham to cook...he will go ahead and fix potato salad and eggs and when I get the ham started, we can take a ride together so I can get those photos I Wanted.
HUH? Yes, you read that correctly.

Something about him is changing. Maybe he knows I can live on my own if I wanted too. So, he thinks maybe he should be sweetening up some? Who knows? Anyway, I thought that was nice. Let us just see if it actually happens. A man that has not touched me in 20 cuddles...nothing at all....sometimes when they say "later honey" - you realize that later never comes and sometimes their words means nothing at all. Yeah, you read that right. 20 yrs. My cootie has grown shut.

I got to thinking about that music again after realizing how absolutely sweet that was for someone to offer me their house...a key to their house no less just so I had a place to go play. That made me feel so blessed. So, I got to thinking about my old PA system that made it easier for me to practice. I want another one. SO, I reached out to a guy I know of who works at a music store. He is going to help me find something that I can use for all that. Not sure yet. He said something about a board....and I am not sure what that is or how to work one, so we shall see. He also gives guitar lessons. That triggered some interest too. I will be talking to him next week when I get my car and get come and go as I please.....

That girl might get her wish....when I show up at her house with my guitar. I might be able to do that.
Time will tell.