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2017-04-15 19:26:43 (UTC)

WC#15 A First

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A First Memory with a friend

Do you remember your first memory of a friend? that first impression, that moment where you mutually decide to be friends?
I'm going to describe a such moment
Now today i'm going to only be discussing friends i made as a kid, when i was still pretty young, so before teen years.
i could do older but i think that the ones you make when your younger seem to have more interesting starts and it's less about finding people who are like you, but more about just wanting or needing a friend even if they aren't a lot like you.

I was seven when i met K
It was just after i had moved to a new town and was in a new church, and just new everything.
I remember that it was a Sunday and she was sitting infront of me slightly to the right and through out the church service we kept making eye contact and then looking away, literally through the whole thing and when your a kid, those services seem to go on forever.
I think that we were both intimidated by each other(i was a little intimidated by her at that time because i didn't know her and didn't have any friends there and i don't know everyone wants to be liked)
After the service i remember running off up to the back of the church sanctuary where the doors are and where the pastors office was i remember waiting for my parents there and kind of just wanting to get out of there because i didn't like being around new people and here comes K being dragged up toward the office, toward me by here older sister C and she introduces us, and literally says to us "Look there now ya'll can be friends" and leaves the room after telling K to stay and talk to me.
We look at each other and i say something like "she's bossy" and K says Yeah she's like that all the time, Do you like Barbies?
which i wasn't the biggest fan of(i had some of course but i was more of a tomboy) we talk about Barbies and Tv shows and before she leaves she askes for my phone number and gives me hers (which was Amazing to me cause i didn't use the phone at that time, any friends i had before her i saw in person i mean i was 7....
But she was 9 and a bit older but we were in the same grade.
i remember memorizing the number and then that Tuesday she called me and i missed the call and called her back and i felt so nervous and grown up because yeah someone was calling me and i had someone to call....(this is before cell phones people!)
i was sitting in the computer chair and we just talked about who knows what... i don't remember that first phone call very well we probably talked about favorite colors and toys and games ect. our older siblings.
But i remember how i felt when we hung up(with the promise to talk the next day after school)
was that i was so happy and content and that i hoped this friendship would last for a long time.
it lasted for the rest of our childhoods about the next 14 years before we grew apart.
it wasn't an easy friendship, no, we were very different and we had a million fights... but we worked it out and i have fond memories of her and those years.
She's a wife and mother now.
I'd still be there for her. Always.