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2017-04-15 16:53:48 (UTC)

Maketing for success

Today will be spent traveling with my camera. Oh my. I really love that new camera. I have a lens with it that I have not even used yet. Can not wait. I am attempting to get some shots for marketing material since my last project was so successful. I have several listings and upcoming listing because of the post cards I recently sent out. I am so happy today. I will be able to order new post cards for each little town or special areas near me by next week. I am planning on getting this done so I can list property that will close before school starts after summer. We have many areas with very desired school districts and I am focusing on that.

My son ate one of the chops from last night for lunch today. He loved it. So, I asked my husband to come up with something that would be good with a ham. I showed him the clip of the brown sugar spiral ham cooked in a crock pot. He said he would make potato salad and devil eggs to go with it. He is on his way right now to the store to pick up the ham and brown sugar. I showed him the clip to be sure did not get one that would be too big for the crockpot. Hopefully we will have another great meal cooked my me, the lady of the house. LOL

Taking charge

I got a call yesterday from my old friend that I once played music with. We do not spend much time together much anymore. She has a life with kids and grandkids and I do too as well as a business to run. I stay busy. She has actually moved three times and I have not even been inside of those places showing that we lost our closeness somewhere along the way. But life can cause that between people. We once played guitar every morning after the kids went to school. We got pretty good too. We harmonized well on several songs only playing them to close friends, but never had a bad review. We actually played at small parties a lot. But not in many years. As I have got older, I have lost the time to play music. When I used to practice, I would play alone. I liked being able to get loud and was always concerned that someone may be able to hear me. I would make sure all the windows were shut, garage door...etc.....I had my amp, PA System and mics set up so I could play just as if I were on a stage somewhere. I recorded it some too. Made a few videos. Just for learning and practice reasons. I could play the videos and play with it and harmonize. Cool. But not in many many years. I have old aching hands and fingers. I gave that stuff up a long time ago.
She called to talk about her grand daughter who passed away a while back. I was glad she finally felt like talking. She called me when it happened. But after than, it was only text. She had told me that she could text as much as she wanted but she could not use her "minutes" talking much on the phone. So, knowing that I did not every call her much. I would just let her text me when she wanted. Not a lot of contact with me for a while. She is the friend that I spent a lot of time and money on when she had a accident 20 yrs ago. She was supposed to pay me back for clothes, phone bills, hotel bill from taking her kids to SC where the hospital was she was in....etc...her mother and her both told me that I would be paid back when she got her settlement. She got her settlement, but I never got paid back. Instead, I came to the realization that I was just being used. I did not like that and after a while....we got farther apart. Most people would have done the same. I know you can only help people so far. She is still though a dear sweet soul and I wish her the best for real.

So, today, another old friend, really a friend of hers sent me a text. I have known of this woman for many years but she is really closer to the other woman than me. I may have been to her house a couple times, listened to her sing songs at funerals, and went to a bar and heard her do karaoke but she did not even speak too never really felt too close to her. I talked to her recently about photography, but she and her boyfriend who is a photographer do not give classes...that is why I was there to meet her. We talked a long time, she had a lot to talk about or catch up....but other than that...not sure what category of friends she is, more a friend of a friend. A beautiful and talented girl, but I am not going to play music. I have tried to explain this too her. But she keeps on trying to get me reeled into it. I told her today again that I simply do not have anywhere to play where I feel comfortable these days. She offered her house and said she would give me a house key if I wanted one if I wanted to come over to play music. Man...that is so damn sweet. Just sit a second and hear that and how sweet that is. My goodness. It sure is inviting.

I told her that she should tell the other friend that. She said she would give her a key too. I know that would be so sweet and make her day to know that someone wants to play with her so much they would give her a key to their house. Honestly, I tired to explain to the girl today that I just can not commit to playing right now. MY business is so busy especially this time of year. I hope she understands.

I do know one thing though. Although I did not say this to either of them. I have already been thinking of trying to help that girl get a car. If she had her own car, she could drive over there on weekends and play music. She would be able to add that into her life and maybe give her some happiness and another experience to help her get over losing her granddaughter.

Another reason to make some money.

Gotta go.