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2017-04-14 23:43:24 (UTC)

Good food for the ungrateful

I busted my ole butt today over doing it really. First I prepared a Strawberry Lasagna where you make your own whipped cream and slice strawberries and put it together pretty much like banana pudding. It was awesome! I put that in the refrigerator and started the baked pork chops. I had bought some real big ones. I had four. There are only three of us here. He told me I needed to go get a couple more since we should all three have two a piece. No need to do all that. But I did. I prepared the chops with an flour mixture with parsley, garlic powder and a beaten egg and a small bowl of Italian bread crumbs. I did that part and browned them in the frying pain, then baked them covered in the oven. While they were baking, I mixed together, a little milk, chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce with a can of mushroom soup to pour over chops after about 35 minutes, then you cover them again and let them cook an additional 35 minutes at 350 degrees. My house smelled so good in here. I realized even with all those ingredients, there was no salt used so that makes it a little healthier for us.

He made a pot of rice and some Crowder peas. So, we ate. I was not sure if he would like it or not. I had bought large chops and each cooking time I mentioned above had an additional 10 minutes added to make up for the size. Turned out great. He told me as I was walking out of the kitchen when I said I hope you like it, it is different. He just said "I hope it is not too different". So, afterwards, I asked him what he thought.....he said it seemed like a lot of trouble to make to him. He likes to use salt, pepper and lots OF OIL...when he cooks and he would have fried the hell out of them. I thought wow...he noticed it took a lot of trouble and time to make them, but does not sound like he would want them again. I said "well, I liked them a lot, and I will be cooking them again. I do not mind the trouble". He really liked the strawberry dish though.

I was proud of dinner. And I will make them again. Maybe not for him. He sounded kind of ungrateful. If they had been horrible, I could understand saying so. But they were not horrible. They were not made the way he would have made them. And this my friends is why I do not go into the kitchen when he cooks. I go in afterwards to clean the grease off my range. I do that. But I Would never say "that seemed like a lot of trouble for all that....." as if it sucked and you wasted your time. He is so shitty sometimes.

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