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2017-04-14 02:01:29 (UTC)

WC #13 Book

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The Last book you read and what it means to you?

The last Book i read from was The Gospel According to Biff Christ's childhood pal.
Which is of course fiction and ridiculous and SO funny.
and what that book means to me is this:
It's great to read fiction when you know the truth.
Its a funny book that shows that Jesus Christ was human and was like us.
It shows that he went through the same human emotions and desires while still remaining perfect.

The last book i read in full was: It By Stephen King
Which is a book i've read a few times before but in light of the remake being made this year i wanted to refresh myself with the story.
IT was the first Scary movie i ever saw and so in that sense it's a special thing. lol.
I didn't read The book till years later.
But i like that the story is very involved and has characters that you can relate to and fall in love with so that you care what happens to them so it's hard if they die or what ever.