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2017-04-14 01:04:51 (UTC)

A better day after all

Well, although I made the offer to help the grand daughter get accessories for the prom, I had no response from her or my daughter. Whatever. I am about tired of trying with them. I guess if they hate me and obviously want nothing to do with me, then so be it. I am tired. Too tired of trying and too tired of allowing this to hurt so much.

Anyway...later today I was sitting here taping some stuff to watch later if I can stay awake that long, my phone rang. I was so happy thinking it was them...but it was not. Instead it was a home owner that received one of my post cards. The man said his house is paid for, the house across the street just sold for almost 300k and his is nicer. He said his wife passed away 6 months ago and he has been getting rid of things. He said he just wanted to talk about it and have me come out and take a look. OMG. I am so happy.

I think this is a good sign that more people out there are probably in the same boat. Too much house for being older. He said he had just cut his grass and it took him 2 hours. He wants a condo with a garage. That is what I want too.

I told him I would give him a little time and call at the end of next week to set up a time to come out.

I am excited.

Might have to send out some more post cards.....may design some more for other areas....