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2017-04-13 16:09:29 (UTC)

Sleepy Thursday

I woke up early again this morning from what I thought was a pretty good nights sleep. I felt odd though. Then I realized that I had not taken my medication (hormonal replacement) for two days. So, although I usually take it at night, I took it then after drinking my morning coffee. I had already started dinner in the crock pot. Beef Stew. I had already started a load of clothes and the dishwasher. Got on facebook and A had sent me a video of her playing a song. It was good. Later I saw she had posted it although said she was not sure how it got posted. She always gets good comments. That girl is so beautiful. Then later on, I got a message from on of my political friends who was added during the election. We think a lot alike and he is very smart. HE was asking me about the 11th saying that I seemed out of sorts on the 11th and was just checking to see if I was ok? Huh? I was confused. Went back to check my post and saw nothing that I thought was odd at all. So, I told him that hoping that it was enough to calm his concerns.

Went into the kitchen and cut up some fruit, washed some grapes and cut up an orange putting all that onto a plate. I wanted to have something to grab to eat when I walk in there. This being hungry all the time and then eating like a sumo wrestler later in the day needs to stop. Even I know that.
I came back into my room to wash my face...and realized I had not been doing the product thing to my skin either in a few I did the nite version this time. Sat down a while to watch something I recorded last night that I never watched. I fell asleep early.

I heard him I went in to take him a cup of coffee and realized then that I am tired as hell. I could crawl in bed and sleep for the rest of the day right now. Must be taking that medication so early that I usually take at night. Plus with the suicide of that kid yesterday, I took a chill pill mid day to calm myself down. Still feel like crap about that.

I feel like shit today.

Gonna go in there and toss some rice in that crock pot and set up some broccoli to steam later.....

then I should be done for the day.
No more laundry....
no more cleaning...
just sleep