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2017-04-12 22:33:09 (UTC)


Well, that seems like an insensitive title. The day ended up good for me, although there were some sad times during lunch hours.
We could not tell what really happened, but form social media post, a middle school is dead and we are unsure how it happened.
I do not know anyone involved but it was sad for me to read about it. It was even disturbing to see how rude and hateful people can be to one another on social media. Even during times like that. We have a lot of know it all people here who seem to think that if you do anything, say anything, at the right or wrong time, they have to call you out on it. Most of the people were just upset and some even had kids at the school and were concerned about their own kids having to go through learning one of their classmates has passed. It was heart breaking.
I cried. I cried hard too.

Then after he went to work, I started looking at jewelry on HSN that might be good for the prom; my granddaughter has a red dress. So, I sent her mom a email suggesting that she at least go look to see if she saw anything or even shoes that she might like to try. I can get it to her in a week. So, while I was working on that, my phone rang. I was sure it was her. It was not.

IT was in the boss. He had told me recently that a man had mentioned putting in an offer although I had not heard from him. We figured he changed his mind. Well, he was asking me if I had heard from him and I said not a thing. Then he laughed and said he had. And the man wants to see it Friday and is putting in an offer then. OH BOY.....I do not feel so bad about promising to buy accessories including shoes for the prom.....cause after we sell this property, I can pay HSN off and my other card....and I will still have money. NOT ONLY THAT.....when we get it sold or under contract, I can list the owners home too...and it will be listed around 300k. It will sell quickly. There is my beach money.


I do have a way with words and put some in that post about that child. I had a bunch of LIKES and comments thanking me for the kindness. It felt so good. I should have been a councilor or something. Maybe at this age people just get wiser. I did not call out the ones being ugly but it was disheartening to see it happening.

Sad times...but a day ending on a good note.

I just hope I do not hear that the child belongs to one of my friends. I am so not ready for that again.