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2017-04-12 05:12:53 (UTC)


I had already mentioned hearing the footsteps when no one was here but me. Later after I posted my last entry, I was sitting in here and heard something that sounded like someone was inside the house. I thought it was my son who comes home from work during that time. I said his name but heard nothing. So, I opened the door to my bedroom, and glanced down the hall. I saw a larger shadow go across real fast across the end of the hall into the area where we have two other bedrooms. There was no light outside or anywhere inside to have caused that shadow. It was one of those shadow figures you hear about sometime. Something is trying to spook me.

Not sure what else to say right now, but I will be posting any updates of other sightings or events. Until this moment, added to other happenings like my hair being touched softly, hearing that man talking, the clearing of the throat, and now this.....someone is trying to tell me something. Or welcome me into the world of the darkness too. Maybe they have come to get me and escort me there.....who knows. You just never know. I have been so unhappy. Hurting like crazy. I need something good to happen.