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2017-04-12 01:13:16 (UTC)

WC #11 WIndow

Mood: Angry
Song: Me against the world By Simple plan
Color: Grey with flecks of Dark Blue

Describe the view outside your window.

My room is on the second story it faces the East so if i wanted to wake up to watch sunsets more i have a great view.
right outside my window it opens up onto a wooden balcony it has white railing around it.
There's a tree just past the railing and below is the drive where our cars are parked past those is the Lonely street we live on which is main street and you'd think it was busier than it is being main street but it's not.
If you look right you'll see our back yard and the rest of the street, some trees and street lights. nothing to exciting, an abandoned head start and play grounds.
If you look to the left, you can see other businesses and buildings including a bank and police station, if you look down far enough you see one blinking traffic light and farther still a mountain on the edge of town.
It has a cross lit up on the top of it, and a Christmas tree in lights in the Winter.
If you look strait east you see buildings and houses and more mountains in the distance behind that is a lake.
typical small town surrounded by nature on all sides.