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2017-04-12 00:24:55 (UTC)

Dead deer in the road

My husband called me yesterday morning around 4am. "Hey baby, what you doing"? "uh, not much".
"Well do you mind coming up here to Walmart in Denver and picking me up? I hit a deer on hwy 16 and messed up my truck"?

"Okay, I will be right there".

I usually do not drive at night. But I learned that at 4:15am there are not many cars on the road. So, if I must, that is a good time to do so. He was standing beside his truck with a cart where he had already went inside Walmart and picked up a few things. His truck was mess up pretty bad. The front grill was broken off and head lights were broken too. I guess he was lucky. He said he saw a deer and was watching it go into the woods after crossing in front of him, but did not see the one that was following it and had no time to hit breaks or slow down. I guess he was lucky to be driving a bigger truck. My car would have been totaled. I got him home and we discussed the plans for the truck. I made the calls to take care having someone pick it up to tow to the garage to be repaired. Today, I had to stop in there to pay them a thousand dollar deposit. He wanted me to check on renting a car. I decided that I did not need to do all that. I can use my car in the mornings while he sleeps. I am not paying 500 bucks just to have a car sitting in our driveway. He said he did not like me being here without a car. As sweet as that is, I still decided against it. They said the prices on rental cars are up higher this week because it is spring holiday. Oh boy. It will be next week before he gets his truck back. It all worked out and will be fine.

I took a bunch of post cards to mail today. And I have chosen some other areas to get some ready to mail tomorrow.

The boss called today asking if I had received an offer on our commercial property. The owner had told him that someone told her they would be presenting one on Monday. I did not get one. He said he also told that man she was not lowering her price. So, that probably ruined the deal. She needs to let us discuss price and counter offers. That is what we are to do. Not her. She probably ran off our only offer. Whatever. We can only do so much. He told me he busted it at the car show this weekend. I have been posting photos of that condo at the speedway. Lord I wish we had an offer to come in or at least someone to say they wanted to see it.

Anything about now...the first quarter of this year is not looking too good for us.
Nothing equals nothing.


I am here alone. Twice I have heard what sounded like a man walking in the other part of the house with heavy work boots on. I thought it might be my son. It was no one. Twice. Earlier this afternoon right after he had left for work. I was watching the tv news and I heard a man talking and chuckling....there was no one near here...all the windows were closed cause the air conditioner is on. I may have ghost. A smart ass one no less who has learned how to make their presence known. I hate that. I have gain too much weight. I would not have wanted any of my old friends to see me like this. I wonder if ghost watch us shower? LOL

My shoulder is getting much better. I canceled the appointment to go see the eye doctor. That will have to wait.
Next week though...I go to the orthopedic....but only if he gets his truck back. He can not stay out of work.....
and or I may have to rent a car then for a couple days...which should not be too bad.

All else is the same. I been taking it easy.