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2017-04-10 03:06:40 (UTC)

WC #9 Today

Mood: Tired/Anxious
Song: Joe Sugg YouTube video
Color: Orange

How am i feeling today?

Today hasn't been a bad day, just a typical Sunday. right now how ever it's about 10:00 and it feels much later.... i kinda just want to go to sleep.
But i'm also just feeling heavy like i know that it's going to be a long week and there are two more funerals that i have to work at this week, i did one Saturday then have one tomorrow and then another one Friday and it's kind of just sad and creepy how many people around here in this little town that are dying....one after another after another.
I feel like it's suffocating the community, i mean it's suffocating me and i don't even know the people well, it's just hard to be around death and mourning with out it effecting you, it does, that is just part of being human.
But on top of that i see peoples auras and i'm super empathetic so i can to an extent feel their emotions and just atmosphere's in a room are heavy.
I feel so much for the family's that have lost people....losing people that are young.... i mean these arent people in their 80s and 90s these are people in their 50s and 60s short lives.... sudden deaths, or death after fighting cancer.
I wish there was a way to lift all the sadness off the town....
I think we're all in a fog..... under black clouds.
i don't know why all these deaths keep happening.... but i have never seen so many in a row in my life since moving to this town over a year ago.... i have attended and worked at so many.

Being in a ministy family i've seen more than my fair share of funerals, more in my short life of almost 23 years than most people see in 80.
One of these day's i'll have to go through and count.
Or maybe i won't thats pretty morbid.
By Friday i'll have been to 3 funerals in the span of 6 days.
Lets hope that's it for a while yeah?

Peace. (we need some)