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2017-04-08 22:45:37 (UTC)

WC #8 Happy to be

Mood: Tired
Song: Teenage Dirtbag by Wheaton (the 1D cover)
Color: Orange

it's interesting how certain things land on certain days...how life happens and how events play out.
Writing challenge in April, writing about a happy moment or what has been a sad day...
I was working at a funeral today.
As i've done many times before, and i'd not met the person but funerals make you think about things you might not want to think about.
They make you think about life and death and time and how fragile things are.
They make you think about the people in your own life that you have lost.
and those people flash inside my mind... they echo.
Therefore they aren't fully gone because if people stilll remember and people still think of them, and if people still care, even one person it means that the ripples they made in life are still going.
If i died?.... would i be remembered and missed as fondly as i remember and miss people that i have loved and lost?
Probably not.... i haven't lived the life that they did, i haven't done such good and amazing things as them.

Anyways instead of writing about the unavoidable fact that everyone dies and memories fade and if enough time passes everyone even the most memorable people will be forgotten....
I'm supposed to be writing about a happy moment....a happy memory.
It's not that i'm too terribly down or depressed....
I just feel.... solemn.
But none the less right now i'm going to let my mind wander and see where it goes.

Yesterday, i was around some friends of my parents, old friends like from when my mom was in college and they'be been friends since and we see them every now and again because they live across the state now and have lived farther away before.
she Sandy called me Classy and Sophisticated.
That i just carry myself in a way that was sophisticated which was a happy moment for me because it's great to receive a compliment like that because that isn't a physical thing that's a personality thing.
it's a high compliment. My mom agreed and contributed it to my being an old soul which is true.
But the compliment also makes me feel amused because on the inside i don't feel specifically classy or sophisticated i feel like a YA still trying to figure things out and i'm just trying things and if they work out great....haha it's not like i have any idea what i'm doing but it's nice to see that that doesn't exactly show....it's nice to know that i carry myself well.
This makes me think of the Lizzie Mcguire theme song lyrics? what's the song called? "if you believe?"
" If you believe that we've got a picture perfect plan
We've got you fooled, cause we only do the best we can
and sometimes we make it, sometimes we fake it but
we get one step closer each and every day....
we'll figure it out on the way."
That is true of life, of my life at least and i figure most people are the same way we're all in the same boat sink or swim.

I think there are big happy moments to date, there are a million things that are actually coming to mind,
The beginnings of friendships, things i accomplished, laughing with someone and realizing how much you love them and how empty your life would be with out them, or will be without them.
Cherish the people you guys.... honestly cherish the people in your life and tell them how much you love them and care about them and appreciate their existence.
Let them know now, before it's too late and you regret not saying it.
Your not promised tomorrow....Cherish the day, the time, this gift you have of life and those happy moments? relish in them.
Let those memories grow stronger and stronger.... and let the hope and the faith of more good things and more happy moments to come fill you with a zeal for life and love and happiness and above all....Joy which you can have in all circumstances.