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2017-04-08 00:54:50 (UTC)

Blowing up ants

With the rain and colder temperatures, all of a sudden I walked into my clean kitchen to put something in the sink to take care of later, when I saw them....omg they were covering the sink. The bar top. All of it. ANTS - those little tiny pest shits were everywhere. I was lucky I had some of those ant traps from last time. I knew it would be smart to buy extra ones. I sprayed down the sink....the bar, and followed them to the window seal where they apparently were coming in from....I killed the mothers...

after breathing that shit I had a horrible taste in my mouth. I cut on the air conditioner, opened a window in my room....and got comfortable. Found a movie to watch. Then I went in to clean up the dead bodies...and wash them down the sink. I left it looking like they had attacked us so when the others come home they will be wise to it.

Today, I addressed a bunch of post cards rode to the post office to mail them. Then after all the ant business and movie, I checked MLS again and found another subdivision that is selling quickly and noted some names and addresses to check out. What I do, is check the tax records to be sure the owner gets the tax info at the same address. Otherwise, it would be rental property. I do not send post cards to property that is owned by a corporation or realtor company. So, I mark out some of them. Then I take my updated list to address Post Cards and mail. I address them with a pen. I do not use labels. I like to be a little more personal. It would be wonderful to have a couple of listings in any of those areas. The ones under contract went under contract in less than a week. We are still in a sellers market. A good school district is like a magnet too.

My knees have been giving me a fit. Yesterday and today I had to take a couple extra strength Bayer Aspirin. Seem to help. I will go check out this new doctor near here and get some shots on the 18th. Can not wait.

The boss is at the car show this weekend at the speedway. I hope he had a coat to stay warm and protect him from the wind. It was brutal out there today. I will touch base with him and check it out tomorrow.