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2017-04-07 00:20:15 (UTC)

WC #6 Overused?

Haha this is a funny one for me, as there are definitely words i over use and that's what today's prompt in the challenge is all about....so yeah without farther ado here are Ten words i over use.

1. Yeah( yeah in response to anything...instead of the proper "Yes"
2. And (My friend knows the story behind this particular word and will probably be rolling his eyes when he reads this)
3. wow (WoooooW.......) in response to anything good or bad.
4. Like (like that's how it was) ( and it was like the weirdest thing)
5. Sucks (That sucks!)
6. Indeed (that was the coolest thing ever! "Indeed it was"
7. Struggle. (Struggle so hard!, that's the struggle! Struggle! Its a struggle)
8. Honestly! (Honestly thats how i feel, or Honestly that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard!!)
9. Ridiculous ( that's Ridiculous, Your being ridiculous,)
10. Understandable (That's understandable).

bonus (not sure this is a word but i use Mmhm so much... in both speaking and messaging to agree with something someone says.)

Mmhm yeah Its like the biggest struggle man! It's honestly Ridiculous the way people act sometime and they don't even notice or care about how they are effecting the people around them, i mean indeed i get it, its understandable that you had a bad day and that sucks but it doesn't mean that you can do and say what ever you want.... wow!

haha okay i'm getting out of here lol.