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2017-04-05 23:41:56 (UTC)

WC #5 Be prepared

What are 10 things you should always have on you at any given time?

1. Awareness.
Of what's going on around you.

2. Flexibility.
Things constantly change from emotions to plans to people you should always have the ability to be flexible.

3. Money
You should ways have some cash on you for emergencies or what ever.

4. Drivers license.
This may not be a big thing to people who use public transportation but for people like me who have to drive to get anywhere DL is a must.

5. A sense of humor.
Gotta be able to laugh at yourself and be able to see the brighter side of ridiculous situations

6. Chap stick.
Self explanatiory.

7. A smile.
Seriously smile at people....
It scares and confuses them.

8. Mints, gum.
For yourself or to offer to other people.

9. A ponytail​! Omg....
Okay so this doesn't really apply to people with short hair but, I have long hair and I hate when it's like windy or what ever and it gets in my face and I don't have a ponytail.
Usually I have one on my wrist.

10. Phone.
In case you need to call for emergencies, for directions, for music, for when you don't want to talk to random strangers so you stare at your phone.....

(Otherwise​ when I'm home or something....I don't always have my phone on me, specially in the mornings.)