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2017-04-05 04:21:38 (UTC)

WC #4 Life Story

Mood: Okay
Song: None but am listing to a Dan is not on fire Live show
Color: Green

My life story in Five sentences....This will be difficult.

I was born into tragedy and chaos but was lucky to be raised in more steady ground to have been given the chance at a better life.
I know that i am: A Twin-less twin, a victim of abuse, a kid that was sick and could have died, that got lucky to be found by a family.
I grew up in a glass house where your expected to be a certain way, when we weren't just so, it turned out to still be okay
I was quiet and shy and compliant and lost until one day...i wasn't and i grew and i changed because people change people.
I Believe in Faith, Family, Friendship, compassion, Miracles, in Taking chances, In seeing the world and making a difference.

I've rewritten this too many times to count because i can't seem to get it right and so i'm saving it before i start cringing and changing it ending up deleting it and such.... as it is only have 40 more minutes left in today to actually post this on time....
So here goes nothing...here goes everything :P