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2017-04-04 19:49:42 (UTC)

Dead girl...a kid no less

Man I tell ya, evil is pouring out every damn where these days. Some idiot shot a 14 yr old girl, a little thing...she looked more like she was 10 0r 11. Shot several times in the back too. A fucking coward shot her. A thug. Who in the hell is raising kids these days to go to the streets and just live a life of crime? It is a sad day here. A very sad day. She lived in Charlotte and we are still uncertain why he brought her here to murder in one of our city parks? We just do not know yet.

I rode to pick up the signs. Rode through town because I needed to stop at the bank. Was going to ride through the car wash, but I will do that tomorrow. I will have to meet the boss in the morning to give him the signs and pick up a check from him for all that. Then I will go make a deposit and ride to pick up my medication which is finally there. My husband wants me to go to Lowes which is beside of where the medication is to pick up some bags of fire ant killer. It is that time of year. KILL THE DAMN FIRE ANTS!!

Today, I called around until I found a place near here that takes my insurance so I can go on the 18th to start shots in the knees again. My knees are shot. Both of them. One is swollen worse than the other, but they both hurt. I am off my feet for the rest of the day.

I cooked some chicken in the crock pot this morning and made dumplings. Man, the house smells great. And it was so good. He loved it. Now, that all that is done...I am doing nothing else today. Got those errands to run tomorrow and after that...I am done for tomorrow too.

Got to stay off my feet as much as I can till the knees stop throbbing.