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2017-04-04 02:44:05 (UTC)

WC #3 Go!

One thing i should start doing?

I should start taking things in my life more seriously and put more effort in to things, things i want to do and accomplish, i should put more effort into my family relationships and my friendships.
I should learn a language fluently aside from English (I mean i know bits and pieces in a lot of languages but by no means speak any of them fluently....so if i were in a random country with out and interpreter i'd be...in big trouble.

I should learn to play an instrument, i should write another book or....five.
I should start doing, and going.
the thing that i should start doing is the doing.

This is short and was my last one, i promise that not all of these prompts will be short like the last two, some of them are going to make me write quite a bit but these are just a few to start with, it's dabbling with the concept of the challenge and building up for the prompts to come.

Also! My friend On the sight is also doing the same writing challenge as me!!! so that's fun!