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2017-04-03 22:22:53 (UTC)

Monday storms

Our listing appointment went so well. The house was delightful. Had a screened in oversize one at that. A three car garage. This one had high ceilings even on the top floor. It was so well maintained. We sat there talking to the couple for an hour. I am sure they will be calling us. We really hit it off. I came home driving through a storm.

Stopped at McDonalds and sat in their parking lot for a while. Got home in time to beat the worse of it. My son came into the driveway right when I was just getting comfortable. Turned on the news to hear more about the weather and learned that a young girl was shot and killed right up the road. Shooter still on the run. Sounds great. I come home to an unlocked house. Way to go guys....not sure why I can not get them to remember to lock this place up when they leave, but one of these days.....

She paid her fees. I check them right at the deadline. Still upset I have not heard from her.