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2017-04-03 05:56:44 (UTC)

Not sure about the cure

So my trip to the doctor has turned into a nightmare just trying to get the prescriptions filled. I went through calling, giving them my insurance care information and calling again until I was told that it was all in and ready to be picked up. Then, I get a call before I leave telling me that they do not have the patches. I can get the other things, but the patches will not be ready till sometime this week. They have to order them. Ok. Fine. I did go get the rest of the stuff. Already shampooed my hair a couple times. I am seeing no improvement. So, tonight, using cotton balls with alcohol on them, I dabbed each of the "places" hoping to allow them to dry up some and begin to heal. I hate this shit.

Our MLS fees are due tomorrow and must be paid by 5pm. The boss and I have paid ours. If she does not pay her by 5pm, I will have to take her off our roster. I have reminded her with a text that it needs to be paid. I have also reminded her that she has a house supposedly under contract, that I have no idea what is going on since I have not received the paperwork yet. I am required to always have paperwork on any transaction taking place in our company. If I have I have to take her off the roster, I will have to call the owners to see if I can get any answers from them about it.

She either is really not into this business any longer or she is so busy she can not do all of her responsibilities. I am not going to pay her fees anymore. I have paid them a lot I have also mentioned to her recently that she hurts me by never calling me at all. She will go for long periods of time and I will hear nothing from her. She may need something, and she will call. But never just to say hello and how are ya'll doing? Never.

I told him this weekend I have about got the hint. And if things do not improve in this relationship on her end of it, I am not going to do anything else. And at Christmas time this year, I will just send them all a Christmas card and we can just go to the beach during Thanksgiving and Christmas and come home after New Years. My son and his brother can drive there for Christmas if they want, but I see no point in doing all we do during Christmas. I think the only reason they come is to get that 100 dollar bill. I am sick of being treated like shit. Hell, we bought the oldest granddaughter a car right before Christmas this year. She really has not said much about it. I had to post something on facebook that triggered a THANK YOU. But that was a text. No phone call. I am beginning to believe that she really thinks very little of me. I understand that I am not perfect. Who is? I have made mistakes. My biggest mistake was talking to her about my mistakes. She can hold all of what I said over my head till the day I die. But if she were to discuss it with me, she would learn that most of my mistakes were not as bad as she may think. Sowing some wild oats is all I did a few years ago. I got all that out of my system. Realizing that I was pretty lucky to have what I have here at the house. Not much else could compare. Although I had offers. Having offers does not mean you did anything wrong, it just means that someone was into you and asked for more...and you refused them. If she wants to turn it into something ugly so now she can blame me for what she probably thinks is a horrible childhood.....or whatever....she needs to remember that I was very young back then, and knew nothing about life...has very little social skills and it took me a very long time to grow up and understand myself and other people. I do understand this. I do not like it. She won't either.

Time will tell.