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2017-04-03 03:38:19 (UTC)

WC #2 Stop

Writing challenge day two and what this one is about is one thing you should stop doing.

HAHA there are several things i should stop doing i know!
Like stop eating junk food, or stop staying up too late.
But i think one bigger thing i should stop doing is....

I need to stop comparing myself to others to gauge my own worth and or success.
You are your own person with your own walk in life and your own story and so it can never be like someone else's so judging what happens to you by what happens to other people is kind of ridiculous because your life and your journey is just different, not better or worse.
Just different

Most of my life i've had friends that were older than me, and its taken time but i completely agree with not judging your chapter 5 by their chapter ten, of course what they are experiencing is different than you, they are older and even if they weren't your life is different from theirs.
Maybe your not meant to have and do exactly what they did... and that's good and that's okay and it's not like they have more or are better.
Comparing yourself to others just leads to misery and it's something i definitely need to stop doing.