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2017-04-01 22:09:55 (UTC)

WC #1 Quality

So in April I'm Going to write everyday and do this writing challenge for fun it will be some different challenge and or subject every day and today's prompt is quality's you find most important in a friend.
So with out farther ado here are the quality's i think are most important in a friend.

1. I think a friend should be LOYAL.
They should always be there for you and stick up for you, even in the times that you might be wrong or making a bad choice, it doesn't matter what other people think, do or say, they are your friend and they should be loyal.

2. I Think a friend should be HONEST
That means that they are strait forward and honest with you even when it's hard to do, in those situations where you are wrong or messing up and they should care enough to be honest with you and not just let you go off doing what ever.

3. I think a friend should PRAYS for you.
Its important that they honestly want whats best for you in all situations and nothing shows that more than when i friend faithfully prays for you.

4. I think a friend should be COMPASSIONATE
They might not fully understand a situation your going through or agree with you but they have compassion to care and when you hurt they hurt.

5. I think a friend should be a good listener.
Even the quietest people need to talk sometimes and everyone should have a friend that doesn't necessarily have to fix the problem or change anything, but they just listen validate your feelings.

6. I think a good friend Is DEPENDABLE , someone you know you can call if you need something and they if at all possible will drop what ever they are doing and come and help.

7. I Think a true friend is TRUSTWORTHY
You should be able to tell them something Genuinely or be able to just vent things out and know that what you said will go no farther than that, You should know that they don't talk about you behind you back or take things from you.

8. I think a good friend is ENCOURAGING
Tries to cheer you up when your down, but also tries to spur you on to do better, to be better, to fulfill all your dreams and become the person who you were meant to be, who gets you back on track when you fall, tells you you can do it when you fail.

9. I think a good friend is FORGIVING
when your friends with someone long enough your going to have fights and or arguments your going to hurt each other so being able to forgive and move forward is a quality a good friend needs to have, not keeping a count of the wrongs you've done.

10. I think a good friend Puts EFFORT into the friendship, and in to knowing you.
effort, in all relationships it's give and take, sometimes your giving more than your getting sometimes it's 60/40 sometimes its 30/70 sometimes its 50/50 but always its effort to keep it alive.
To know who you were, who you are and who your going to be and to continue to get to know you as you change.

What quilitys do you think are most important in a friendship?