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2017-03-31 01:06:55 (UTC)

What a day I had

I almost cancelled the doctor appointment. I am not a morning person and I hurt so much during that time. But I pushed myself to go on down there. It was a hoot telling the nurse why I was there. She did not touch my head. LOL. I told her I had thought I had head lice or something like that...and one doctor had said I had bed bugs. She will have a story to tell this summer by the backyard fire pit. There was a new doctor there and when he come in I felt at ease immediately. I told him same thing I had told her. I also let him know that I was real close to just having my head shaved until this heals up. I had become that desperate. So, he put on his gloves and investigated. I had let them both know that the other doctors had spent a total of two seconds looking at my head. He really looked at it. He even asked me where it was worse and made sure he checked those areas real well. Then he started talking to me about it. Asked me if I used chemicals on my hair. I said "no, this is all natural". He said he was gonna say that whatever I was doing looked good. So, I got a compliment. And yes, I needed it. Felt good. He told me I do NOT have head lice nor does he suspect bed bugs and apologized for the other doctors for not easing my mind about those things. He went on to say that I simply have a skin thing derma- something that affects the part of my head that is affected. He wanted me to use a shampoo and make sure to come back if it does not clear it up. Before I left, he mentioned that I should NOT have my head shaved. So, I knew he was at least listening to me. I was so damn relieved that he assured me that I do NOT have head lice that I come very close to busting out crying. I have been so concerned. I have been avoiding people. I have been avoiding funerals.....and visiting people cause I did not want to hug and shit like that. It has been a nightmare. I feel so much better now.

Tonight I cooked shrimp, lemon, noodles, and kabalsa. It was off the hook.

Had a very busy day. Went to pick up prescription and had to wait so long, I just told them I would come tomorrow to get it.
GOD.....Walmart has taken over everything. I love getting my drugs there. But having to wait so long...only because they want you to walk around the store about 20 minutes in hopes you will spend money. I did. I was tired as hell. Time to go. Plus I had stuff that needed to be in the freezer...and she told me to go ahead and wait 10 more minutes cause they were still working on it. Not this time sister.

I am a happy woman tonight.

I can now let my hair grow back out too.

Oh yeah.