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2017-03-29 22:22:52 (UTC)

Another great day

I had some follow up calls to make from our Speedway condo listing today to get information. So, I was able to learn that most of the information I have is correct and met the owners secretary. She was a big help. So, I we have someone going out there to clean it up real good. A professional cleaning. The boss will be there for that. I designed some signs to put out during the race week...and before. They are ordered. So, I moved on to another listing. We had a call from a lady who wants to meet with us Monday. Maybe going to list her house, maybe not. She is wanting to list it for way too much if you ask me. I pulled the comps. She is asking for about 30k more than what comps reveal. I am not sure she has had it long enough to have done any updates to up that price. But we will see. I have that file ready to go. Then, I looked for some rental property and sent to another possible listing where they want to sell their house and rent a place while they build. We talked to them a while back. They said April. Since we are close I went ahead and touched base with them.

Tomorrow, I will go to doctor in the morning. I hope he is not a quack. I am about tired of the scalp hair looks like shit.
And I am not kidding.

Been getting up early. Today I was up at 7am. Same thing for tomorrow. I am finally getting back on track.

Been a very busy day.

More erands tomorrow....

will touch base if anything happens