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2017-03-28 19:27:41 (UTC)

Finally this week can start now...

If you want to go completely brain dead, sit and listen to a lawyer talk for 4 hours straight. I found myself during breaks walking outside hoping to walk into a stray bullet. Not to be had today. The joy I felt on my way home knowing that that 4 hours is over with and I am a little more wiser today than I was yesterday about my business. It was a very large class. We only had two breaks. But the time went fast with all the hands up.....cause they want the rest of us to hear their voices. We had a bunch of them today. I almost busted out laughing once and had to pinch myself. You can imagine that kid in class raising his hand cause he knows the answer...and the teacher is still talking....not reconizing them yet? And with every sentence the teacher speaks...that kids arm seems to get longer and they sit sideways to make it reach higher..hoping it is finally seen and they get to speak showing the class they were listening and paying attention and are smart and all.
Yeah, we had several of them in there. Made my day.

I started looking for a dermatologist that took my insurance. I went on the webpage in search for one. The closest two were in the state of Virginia. One in Danville. I live near Charlotte. NORTH CAROLINA!!
Seriously? Yeah. I did set the appointment to get my eyes checked next month. But I just made an appointment with the family doctor let him take a look and if they want me to see a specialist, they can find one. Maybe they can do biopsies. We shall see. I go to him on Thursday. Will be glad to get that over with too.

If the word bed bug comes out of his will see me on the news....cause I am going to knock him out.