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2017-03-28 19:18:23 (UTC)

One day down one more to go..

It was hard for me to get up this morning. But not as bad as I had expected. I actually slept pretty good last night. I got there on time and was met in the lobby by the owner and my boss. They met last year because they both had liver transplants. How cool is that? Boss had his in July. The owner had his 4 months ago. They are both doing great. My boss is really back to normal. We went up to the condo and he signed the papers and showed us around. He did not stay long. We hung around staging a little and I took photos. I got home just in time to have lunch with my husband and was a load of his clothes before he had to leave to go to work.

Then I started on entering the condo into MLS and our webpage. Then I have to make PDF files of all paperwork and save it.
By the time I was finished with all that and sending photos to the boss so he can also put it on some was already 6pm.

Only thing left for me now is to make a pitcher of tea.

Then in the morning, I will have to get up around 5:45. I will leave here around 7:15. That will get me there in plenty of time to pick a good seat. The boss is taking the same class. I will be glad to have this over with. By noon tomorrow. It will be done.

So, tomorrow when I return home, I will be calling for some doctor appointments. I need to see the eye doctor and the dermatologist.

Busy day leading into a busy week. So, we shall see.

MY new camera works great.