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2017-03-26 00:35:33 (UTC)

Saturday evening...hmmmm?

Well, I cooked steaks, baked potatoes and salad for him today. My son had a race to go too and left saying he would eat out today. But I enjoyed a steak and baked potato and it was awesome. He left around 4 so I was here alone finally. I had not been feeling well today and had taken a Zertec earlier. It helped the itchiness, but kind of kicked my ass. I decided not to go back to bed. I am not the type of person who lays around in bed all the time. I decided to take my guitar out...of its case, and oh was it in need of being tuned. I tuned it with an online site I found that allowed me to tune each string. OMG how easy. Then I went to my messages on Facebook to catch the message from the girl from Australia who sent me a couple songs. I pulled them up and signed up to be a member of the program she was using. Then I got ready to record. I wanted to record a song a wrote years ago to send to her. I want her to sing I have no choice but to record it. Then I realize that the program I heard her song on is just to download songs that have been recorded on a recording studio amp. I looked for one and found one quickly. Downloaded it...and started messing with it. I spent about 2 hours messing with it. Then I decided to wait till another day to go any farther. I really need to play that song a few times before it is ready to that is my next journey.

I rode to the store to get a couple beers, washed my car and got a lottery ticket for tonight.

I am ready to sit here a while and watch some movies I tape on Saturday nights...right now though I am watching clips I recorded of
Big Time RVs' God I love that show.