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2017-03-25 17:54:29 (UTC)

Springtime Saturday

Spring is here finally. I am freezing though. Sitting here in my gown still with a robe on and my feet wrapped in a blanket.
Well, I been working some in my office area last night and this morning. Working on sending out some marketing material.
So, I am looking up addresses and taking care of that. I have a stack ready to go.

This morning I began to think about my Notary stuff. It is time to take a update to keep it legal. So, I went online to find out
more about all that. I need my Notary number to sign in. I thought it was on my seal. But it is not. So, I need to get it off
the certificate which is packed up in the storage building. So, we are going to have to go tomorrow to search for it. Hoping to
get that on my list of things to do. I have to take that update by middle of May. Or else I will have to take the class again
starting all over.

Another person died that I knew. Well, I did not know him except on facebook. Single, nice guy. Our age. Rode a Harley
sometimes and could build decks and stuff like that. He was a republican and liked a lot of my post. I will miss seeing
him on there.

While looking for that notary number this morning, I came in contact with dust mites. Little shits eat me up. I took the vacuum
cleaner and went over my head with it. Still did not stop those little fucks. the back of my head is in whelps....itching like crazy.

I swear. I will be busy Monday and Tuesday. After that....I am going back to a dermatologist about this shit. I think I will go back to
the one near here and make sure I see the DOCTOR not his assistant. God I hate this. But it is time to do something about it.