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2017-03-24 01:17:43 (UTC)

Hair cut Thursday

It was hard getting up in time to get there by 10:30. I had to go by the bank first to get cash.
I really wanted to see that old train depot. It was awesome. The man that owns it was unable to get it on the historical list because of some window that had been removed or added before he bought it. So, instead of leaving it the same, he built an upstairs area also. The salon was downstairs and took up a couple good size areas. It was awesome to see that old wood. The lady that owns the salon who looked to be close to my age and had an accent from somewhere out west was great. She knew just what I wanted and did it that way. I enjoyed talking to her about the town. We got to know one another a little bit. I will go back.

So, today, he told me he had to work 12 hours tonight. So, when he left, I went ahead and washed his sheets, comfortable all his dirty clothes and took care of cleaning the bathroom that he and my son use. I lite a candle to help it smell good in here. I know when I got up this morning it was freezing so we had the heat on. But this afternoon, it was almost 78 degrees in here, so I turned on the air.

Sitting around here on my own today has cause me to do some deep thought remembering somethings that have happened with me and a few of my friends who actually became losers as it turned out. I had hope for them but they never did anything but talk about what they were going to do, go to school, get a job, start a band, dream on dear. You can not make something happen in your life by only talking about it. That one woman is drawing Social Security and still wears outfits that you would see a 20 year old wear. Never had a boyfriend close to her age, instead, she is a cougar. Sad to watch. Now, she has nothing and no one. No damn man wants to have a relationship with a woman who you can not have a logical conversation with. For instance, she will be at a place people are like a club, a concert, a festival, and instead of enjoying the surroundings that she can see with her own eyes and say things about that.....she likes to "pretend" that she is celebrity, you are one too, she will choose one...for me, once she kept telling people that I was Ann Somebody...the red head that made some movies with Elvis...and she was of course, Pamela Anderson....and when she saw someone she wanted to talk too, instead of just saying hi, I am Sally, who are you? She would say I am Pamela, who are you? Or she would tell them who she thought they were and start going on and on about that...."oh you are Mel Gibson...and I see Natalie Woods sitting with you" was ridiculous. You can not enjoy being with her. And if she is not talking out of her head like that...she all of the sudden starts "hurting so bad....wish I had a pain pill.....I am gonna have to go home" So, if she rode with gotta take her home...if not she has to call someone to come get her ass. You just can not enjoy her company.

And our friend use to have people over his house. Once, we had a robbery of a 14 yr old boy who these idiots had me pick up to give a ride there....he had 600 Extacey pills and if I had known all this, I would have never had him in my car. I could have went to prison for the rest of my life. These people are so stupid like that, you just can not be around them anymore once something like that happens. Too scarey. He was jumped in the yard and someone took the pills, but he had a wad of cash on him..and was cut in the arm with a knife. It turned into something I do not want to ever be close by or around people doing that crazy ass shit. You have to walk away and do not look back.

I just do not need that shit in my life . I can not believe some of these people are still acting like that. Partying all the time...and shit. No one knows how to get a life. These damn women will take up with a man who has nothing to offer. One of them had a boyfriend who never had a job. He was in and out of jail all the time....until the day he died. She wasted the best years of her life with that loser.

And my mountain friend is a certifiable nutcase. Hell, she may be dead. She will spend every dime she has to feed that dog she has and starve to death. Sometimes, she does not have water....heat...power. But she always had pot to smoke. She is a pot head. But she does not want to be around anyone who drinks beer. She does not like to smell beer on someone. Like people want to smell pot? Crazy ass people.

I decided a while back to step back. If not for facebook, I would never know what is going on. But I am content. I am glad they know not to walk up to my door uninvited. I have told them all to never come to my house unless I know they are coming....which will never happen cause I have no intentions of ever inviting them. Fuck them all. I have been used.....for rides, cash, I have bought food, paid for beach trips...etc over the years for a bunch of these people simply by inviting them out or to go with me. But those days are over. I was hoping that someday they would get their shit together and when we got old....we are old now...we would all be able to go on trips and out to eat occasionally. But I was wrong. I believe that out of all the people I have been close to in my entire life, only a couple of them have their shit together. I thought I had reconnected to one....that did. But as it turned out, she is a pill popper.....not working anymore...and lives alone with her cat....sad.

Sad indeed.

Walking away sometimes is the only thing will can do. It is for our on good.

Friends are good to have. But right now, I honestly do not want any.