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2017-03-23 01:58:42 (UTC)

A new day...but still hard

I think I realized today that the hormonal replacement medication is working just fine. The other symptoms I am having is from the fibromyalgia. I am not sure if my regular doctor can help that or not. But I go downtown to get my hair cut in the morning. While there, I am stopping by the office to see if I can get an appointment. It is time. I need to make sure they are aware of the skin, scalp and chest pains. I feel like shit. I am tired as hell most of the time and I hurt constantly. I have learned to deal with the pain over the years, but being stressed out or worrying or something happens to throw my emotions off like the recent deaths, I just hurt 10 times more. I need to ask for help.

I called the girl who has cut my hair the last few times, but she is no longer working there. So, I called around to find someone else. This place is downtown and I need to go there anyway to make a deposit and stop in at the doctors office. So, I will be trying someone new. Not sure what she will do, but I hope she understands I do not like anyone using brushes on my hair that someone else has used. I will take mine.

Last night my son was talking about getting another truck. He saw a Ford 150 Harley Davidson edition that had 80k miles on it that was priced at 30k. WHOA BOY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? We got on the computer so I could show him that he could get a brand new ford F-150 for less than that. He thought my idea was better. Then we looked at campers. I told him if he bought a truck that would pull a camper, I would look into getting a camper. He said I could use his truck or my husband and I could anytime. And I told him he could use the camper anytime he wanted. It was so much fun looking at them. I can not wait. I think he is going to wait till the end of the year and save up as much as he can until then. I told him I would be saving too....I can pay cash for a camper. Hell I could do that now. But we do not have anywhere to park it. So, hoping that by the end of the year, this work is done around here and I can get an extended NEW driveway so all of us can park without being blocked in and have room for a camper.

Planning your future and making changes in your life to make those things happen helps you look forward to your future.

Now, I need to stay alive.