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2017-03-22 02:35:51 (UTC)

Chest pains and Rash

Maybe it is my nerves. I am not sure. That damn rash on my scalp is back and also on my chest. I am dabbing it with alcohol to help dry it up or heal it. I need to go get my hair cut sometime this week. I just can not do that with this going on. Plus I am having stabbing chest pains like pins being stuck in me. Not sure what is up with any of this shit.

But I will go to the doctor if I can get an appointment this week. This time, I will make sure I get the doctor instead of an assistant.
If they want to do blood work and go ahead with that. I am okay with it. Maybe they will learn something that will help me.

I am ready already for my speedway listing but that appointment is next Monday. God I wish something else would happen this week. It would blow my mind. I love being busy. Spring has sprung and we had a nice thunder storm to bring it in this afternoon. Warmer temps too. I love it. I am eating like a pregnant hog. I have not walked since that one time he walked with me. He never brought it up again. Oh well.

Not sure what I am going to do. I wish I just had a diet plan that has simple food that I can eat that will not blow me up like this.
I am about sick of it.

Seriously....chest pains and rashes too. Sick of that too.