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2017-03-21 20:17:26 (UTC)

Slipping Away

Mood: Relatively relaxed
Song: Paris By the Chainsmokers
Color: light green

I have no clue how i can write all these meaningful sentences about someone who doesn't even give me one second of their time anymore.
Yet here i am....writing abut ancient history but also today's news...
Without farther ado....

"Slipping away"

Slipping away words in meeting minutes said
Broken hearts and people also feeling dread
Tears and anger i see only in Red.
What if you'd chose something else instead.

Slipping away hours with you flying forward
Secrets being seen and secrets being heard
It's bitter sweet the lines being blurred
This is never the outcome we'd preferred

Slipping away the hard days pass slow
Both my soul and town expecting snow
Fighting for a punch i can't throw
Waiting for reasons i still don't know.

Slipping away the weeks are long gone
Still waking up on Sunday's around dawn
In my mind running like a marathon
The promise of us while moving on.

Slipping away the months continue passing by
I'm starting to wonder is this goodbye?
Not seeing you often make me cry.
Are we meant to grow apart? why?

Slipping away one year at a time
What once flowed can no longer rhyme
The lies told by betraying arrogant slime
You starting this war was a crime.

I know it's not great... but there are aspects of this that i want t re write and there are aspects about it i love and would never change.