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2017-03-21 15:42:16 (UTC)

Week starting out good

So we have finally come to a turning point. I have the appointment set up for the speedway condo for next week. This means we will have that place listed and are able to hold an open house during the car show coming up. This is great news. So, today, I will complete my file on the owner with all prepared contracts and have it ready. I saw some of those A frame signs that you see sometimes unfolded in front of bars or cafes with menus or specials on them the other day. I intend to pick up a couple of them, maybe three to use during that car show.
This is so out of my usual regime of operation. Although I love doing business over there in near the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I usually steer away from there during events. This is going to be big. I am very excited. We meet on Monday of next week to finalize the listing, take photos and install a lockbox. Then, Tuesday we have that update class. This is perfect. I needed something to get me out of bed.


Things are warming up here too. I am happy to finally wake up and the sun be shining. I can open the windows the doors and feel the warmed from mother nature. This is when we usually begin to think about spring cleaning. I did a little cleaning yesterday after he left for work. But I would not call it spring cleaning. Although it felt good to get something done.

He talked a little about our upcoming remodel this past weekend. When we pulled into the driveway, I mentioned the fence. The daughter had stopped by and I told him I forgot to even mention that fence to her while she was here. He said we will have time for that soon. As soon as the outage he is working is over, the yard, and the outside of the house is going to be updated. He is also sick of our house looking like white trash live here. So, time will tell If that happens. However, we got this card in the mail from someone interested in talking to us about our property. He thought it was one of those people who buy ugly houses. LOL He told me to call them and if they would give us 100k the way it is now with no updates, he would go for it. Problem with that is, I would not. I told him that was ridiculous. The house up the street is listed for 196k and we have a garage and more land and a pool. Hell no.

It was still good to hear him talking about that work he has promised to do. He even told me that he would put me in one of those soaking tubs if I wanted one. I am sure he meant one of those tubs with the door that you walk into since I have not been able to take a bath in years. Too damn hard to get out. Time will tell. He intends to update this house so it looks once again like one of the best ones on the street instead of one of the ugliest. I have to agree it is needed.

Then...time will tell.

I am excited about getting started with our upcoming business. I knew that things would be picking up soon.
I was correct.

We also have a listing coming up in that same area...for around 335k or more. It is one of my favorite houses. We sold their house and they bought this one, now they want to sell it and build one bigger. People usually get tired of living in those HOA time. Which is fine with me. That is what we do. Help them get in and help them get out.

This is going to be a great year.