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2017-03-19 04:35:23 (UTC)

A great day

Last night after midnight, he stuck his head in the door to my bedroom to let me know he got off work early. This is his first weekend off since he started back. So, he was able to get some much needed rest and so did I. I slept a good 6 hours for sure. Today, he needed to go to Morgan's to get a new pair of work boots. He was looking for a particular type and it was fun watching him try them on. I finally found a chair to have nearby but he refused to use it saying he puts his boots on standing up. I finally found a pair just like he wanted. And he for the first time had to get a size 14. A 14 !!! WOW....

Then we went to pick up a extra pair of jeans for him to wear to work and some socks. Good so I do not have to wash his clothes so often. We went to Logan's to eat and have a couple beers. Steaks were great. We really enjoyed being in there. As far as we are concerned, they have the best steaks around here. We sat there a couple hours and had a great time talking. I finally told him about John dying right before we left. It reminded me when it was time to pay. I tipped the waitress 20 bucks and explained to him that you never know what those ladies are going through and told him about John dying in the wreck and leaving his wife who is a bartender with those two little ones to raise. Yeah, I tipped that girl 20 bucks. She lite up like a light too.

It really makes a big difference to get some dang sleep. Gonna do it again tonight too . He and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow before the church people let out and show up. He does not have to go back to work until Monday night.