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2017-03-15 18:45:15 (UTC)

Remembering the past

So, I decided to rethink some things this morning. Got on line and did some research to see if I could learn more about people who I turned away from for what I thought was good reason. Found them alright and to my surprise, nothing was what I was expecting. You see that people go on with their lives. They have kids, grandkids just like us. They have jobs, homes and other friends just like us. All that negatively that we felt is not always true. Sometimes I suppose we just need reasons to justify our own bad behavior and that is all we are doing. Plus we are hiding from many truths about ourselves. We are not perfect. None of us are.

Hating people is way too draining on your soul.

Thinking someone should look like their dead parent just so you can get a glimpse of him, maybe in the eyes or smile is pretty much a sad way to be. Get over it. He is gone. He is dead. He did not give a shit. Not about us. But more so about them. We can not live being jealous of that. We could be wrong about some things. He was young and scared and confused. Why can we not just give his memory a break and accept things the way the are. Not the way we thought they were or would be, but the way they are.

No, she does not look like him. Her kids do not either. She looks like her mother instead. That happens sometimes.

Actually my kid looks more like him than any of them. My grandkids do too. They would probably get more happiness from seeing my family than I am getting seeing hers. That says a lot. But instead of being a chest bowing out I told you so type of day, I am feeling more like I wish things had been different. I wish we could have all remained close.

We are not enemies. We are family. Not acknowledging it does not change the truth.

We are.
We always have been.