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2017-03-15 11:42:58 (UTC)

Long day ahead

Good morning!

I slept quite well last night. Of course, it took me half an hour to fall asleep but I did. It is quite nice when I wake up during the night and I fall asleep again. However, I woke up tired as usual.

This morning I prepared an egg sandwich and I cup of coffee... Just perfect. The weather is nice and cool. I am enjoying the fresh air and I have already done some of my light housework. The floor needs vacuuming again. It is amazing... I guess it is just like that. The cleaner came on Monday and I must think about hoovering the floor on Friday or tomorrow. How exciting!

Today is going to be a long day. I have been out this morning to take my daughter to school and I guess she has a test. I saw her summary of the content... so I think she has studied a little bit.

My husband is at work. I haven't spoken with him yet. So, I will wait for him to call me because I usually call him.

Well, that is it... Not a lot to report today. Good energy to all of us.