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2017-03-15 06:42:35 (UTC)

My Tuesday went fast

All day I thought today was Wednesday. So, I was a day ahead. Now, I am feeling behind. The change in the weather has sent me into a tail spin. I hate it. The temperature has dropped drastically and the wind is ridiculous. Sounds like the roof is coming off. Then it will stop for a while just to start back up again. Heck, it snowed Sunday morning. I thought winter was over. He told me today we may have two more weeks of this and then it should warm up again and stay that way. BRING IT!

So, I took all the things I ordered on line from Dress Barn back today to Dress Barn to return. I am not as fat as my mind thinks. So, all 4 dresses went back. While there I picked up a pair of black dress pants and a pair of ankle length jeans....washed out looking. I got three tops...all fit fine for now. So, I have an outfit for the class on the 28th no matter what the temperature. I should be ok.

I am sick of hearing the crap about DT. For the love of GOD, please stop it. Ashley Judd is at it again. She claims she is afraid for her life now after a "confrontation" with a Trump fan. She has supporters confused with fans. Fans are what she used to have....and supporters are what Trump has. These people are sick crazy in the head. I would love to smack the living shit outta that stupid bitch. I like many other people will NEVER watch a damn movie she is in. As far as I am concerned, she is dead to me. Feeling a bit paranoid now, she says too. It is probably the devil following her around waiting to take her when she stops breathing. Feeling the heat from the flames of hell might make someone paranoid. Maybe.

I really wanted to start playing my guitar. I wanted to get that studio downloaded so I can record a couple songs on it. I promised my friend from Australia that I would. But there has been no alone time. He leaves to go to work and my son comes home. Still working on it.
My husband told me today that he will not work anymore after this year....maybe a short outage in the spring of next year...but he is about tired of it. I am okay with him doing that.

I got a call from the boss today while I was out. He has another listing possibility for us in a county two counties from here. But that house is worth almost 300k so it would be worth the drive. So, we have the condo at the speedway coming up, that is almost 300k. And the house we sold in Harrisburg a few years ago...and it will be over 300 probably more like 350k. So, that is almost a million bucks worth of listings...not to mention the commercial one we already have...and her house...those two together is another 500k. So, if all goes well, I will be selling 1 and half million dollars worth of property this year, but splitting it with the boss. Which is ok. We work great together on these things.

If it will just warm up so people will be in the mood more.......we need the keys.

My boobies are throbbing tonight. This hormone medication messes with me. I am about sick of it. Not making me feel any better. Can not sleep at night...feel tired all the time...still gaining weight.....foggy headed too. All the things I thought it would help? It did not. Just enhanced it. I am so sick of feeling like crap.
I am moving up the next size of poise pads. ( pee pads ) the size 4 is much larger. I may have to start wearing a catheter before long....

Not to sure what to think about that. Never thought about it...never even knew this issue existed. It does.