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2017-03-14 17:23:18 (UTC)


Hi there!

How are you doing? I am fine... It was cloudy this morning and I thought it would continue like that the weather. Once again, I am in my routine of washing my daughter's uniform and ironing... Actually, I am done with ironing... ha ha ha ! Have I ever told you how much I enjoy the housework? Anyway, I am waiting for the washing machine to finish.

This morning my mother and I went to the supermarket. We had our morning breakfast at their bakery and it was good. I really enjoy their coffee as it is always warm. The air conditioner was on a high temperature and it was really cold inside of the market.

I bought my husband some English tea... It is quite expensive here. I must buy one or two boxes more next week as he is coming to visit us.
My mother has been really nice to me lately. We used to have some arguments but I guess I came to understand her a little bit better or I just accepted her way of being.

My father and my daughter had lunch at the local restaurant. I haven't eaten lunch yet. I will probably prepare some pasta...

Well, I am going to start my lunch before I am in the middle of the afternoon.

A lot of good energy to us... as always.