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2017-03-13 16:06:20 (UTC)

Bright day

Good morning!

It is a bright sunny day here in Brazil. I thought it would be rainy today but I was wrong. We had a big thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.
I am quite relaxed today as the cleaner is coming. But I have done my housework as well.

My daughter is back from school and I am here writing some words.

By the way, I have spoken with my husband. He is all right and has a busy day ahead. Hopefully he won't be so tired after work. We have been chatting everyday since he returned to England.

I am fine. I guess I had a better night of sleep but I always think that I could sleep more.

We went out to have lunch on Saturday morning. My father paid the lunch for us all. It was nice of him. On Sunday, we had a nice barbecue at my parents' house. So, I enjoyed being out of the house.

So, at the moment, I am waiting for the cleaner to arrive but I must do a little bit more of laundry.

Well, I'd better go. Good energy to all of us!